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Company Background

Omics Data Solution Ltd is a corporate group with rich experience and strong capabilities in enterprise management consultation and implementation services. Headquartered in Hong Kong, benefiting from its solid experiences in ERP system development and implementation in various industries, OMICS was highly appreciated by its customers for the professional and high quality services it provided.

We now have successfully provided enterprise management total solution and consultation, implementation, training, customization, data migration, application leasing, technical transferring services to our customers in various industries like assembly, toys, electronics, home appliances, plastic, metal, PCB, garment and printing industries. Currently, the business network of the group covers Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta (Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Foshan), the Changjiang Delta (Nanjing, Shanghai), etc.

Company Mission

Promote Enterprises Management Integration, optimize Resources Allocation and achieve Profit Maximization for clients.


Management Integration

  • Establish information sharing amongst different departments for more direct and effective communication;
  • Search out key information required by top management in vast amount of complicated operation data for timely decision making and management efficiency improvement.

Resources Allocation

  • Minimize inventory level while protecting the production schedule by accurate material planning;
  • Improve machine utilization and diminish idle time by production schedule optimization;
  • Ensure on time delivery to improve customer satisfaction.

Profit Maximization

  • Minimize working capital on hold by effective inventory control;
  • Change from afterward costing to ongoing costing or even beforehand costing by real time monitoring on designated cost factors to provide concrete basis for sales pricing and cost control decision;
  • Improve cash flow and diminish bad debt lost by effectively managing Account Receivable and controlling customer credit.


omicsis your Manufacturing Industial Manager's Assistant to Achieve Right Price to Sell, Right time to buy & make!



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